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About us:

El Tesoro

Located in a privileged spot of the City, Quirófanos El Tesoro is a benchmark referent in out – patient and hospital medium complexity surgery services focused mainly on plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Company Purpose
We are experts in the surgery service for elective patients, complying with high technical-scientific standards, focused on great quality and safety, taking care of our users and make people feel very good.
Company Mission
We are prepared to take care of you and make you feel better.
Company Vision
In 2025 we want to become the leading medium-complexity ambulatory surgery health institution focus in patient safety and reliability at a national and international level.

More than 67,900 safe and successful procedures, and a zero mortality rate in 8 years of history.

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Our a Facilities

Located in a privileged sector of the City, Quirófanos El Tesoro is clinical and plastic surgery referent in outpatient and hospital surgery services of medium complexity, being an excellent option for patients and doctors.

Why are we the best option

for your surgical procedure?


surgeons and anesthesiologists accredited and endorsed nationally and internationally.


entity registered in the Cluster of medicine and dentistry services in the city.

Human quality – Humanity

we provide a service focused on our users; through respectful treatment, trust, and the responsibility that our work implies.

Novotel Hotel Medellín

Full view of the city, peripheral lounge bar, comfortable rooms, and an excellent customer service, make it the perfect hotel for the stay of our patients, and just steps away from our clinic.
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Esclusive location at El Tesoro shopping mall, in Medellín city.

Access to complementary services such as restaurants, hotel, supermarkets, medical tower, medical offices, free parking, commercial shops etc.


  • We have a great workforce and human talent with great professionalism, and great empathy.
  • Located in a privileged sector of the city.
  • Modern and elegant infrastructure.
  • Más de 3.000 parqueaderos gratuitos.
  • More than 3,000 free parking spacesHospital suite rooms.

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Arrive easily to our facilities

Loma El Tesoro with Transversal Superior Cra 25ª # 1  to the south – 45
Tesoro. Commercial Park – Shopping Mall
Medical Tower 1 El Tesoro, 4th and 5th floor.
Free parking lots