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¡We are here to take care of you

Company Purpose
We are experts in the surgery service for elective patients, complying with high technical-scientific standards, focused on great quality and safety, taking care of our users and make people feel very good.
Company Mission
We are prepared to take care of you and make you feel better.
In 2025 we want to become the leading medium-complexity ambulatory surgery health institution focus in patient safety and reliability at a national and international level.

 Company´s value proposal:

We offer medium-complexity surgery services to elective patients with access to additional and related services that seek to provide well-being and make people feel very good.


Quirófanos El Tesoro is an institution that provides medical-surgical services of medium complexity to elective patients, private patients with a health policy, to the local, regional, national and international environment with emphasis on plastic surgery specialty, urology and general surgery.

We currently have a surgery service with 11 operating rooms fully equipped with cutting-edge technology; and a hospitalization service with 11 hotel suite-type hospitalization rooms.

The institution has been providing its services for approximately 8 years to more than 30,000 patients, with differentiated safety indicators in international quality standards.

We focus on have a human resource and collaborators with the best experience and human quality committed to providing a differentiated service to our patients.

We are active members of the Medellín Health City Cluster and our surgeons are part of the Colombian Plastic Surgery Society.

At Quirófanos El Tesoro we have a modern and functional infrastructure in accordance with Colombian regulations, advanced state-of-the-art technology and its management led by expert personnel (Biomedical Engineering, Sterilization Center, expert nursing assistants, and highly trained surgical experience).

The focus of the Institution is based on internal processes that benefits the institution, our allied medical specialists and our patients in a win- win kind of way. 

Our greatest goal it’s to always guarantee excellent safety and patient-centered service, where the voice of the internal and external client is taken into account, allowing continuous quality improvement.

We began in May 2021 the development of one of the most important points of the 2021-2023 company’s Strategic Plan starting on the path to NATIONAL HEALTH ACCREDITATION with a view to becoming a differentiated institution in safety, quality and service focused in the user:

Seeing it from the definition that ICONTEC gives us, National Health Accreditation is a voluntary and periodic process of internal self-assessment and external review of the processes and results that guarantee and improve the quality of customer care in a health organization, through of a series of optimal standards that are feasible to achieve, previously known by the evaluated entities. It is carried out by suitable and trained personnel for this purpose, and its result is endorsed by the accreditation entity authorized for said function (Decree 1011-Resolution 1445 of 2006).

This is how we are going

Company values:

It’s based on respect, affection and benevolence in our way of relating to each other. It is essential to relate in a positive and satisfactory way with others. It is a way of showing our respect and affection towards others.
Mutual care as a form of interaction, co-existence and coexistence with others and the environment; thus provoking a sense of co-responsibility. Mutual care is a “way-of-being-in-the-world”, an attitude, guided by reflection, interest and attention towards the well-being and life of oneself, others and the environment.
Trust and Cooperation
It plays a fundamental role since it conditions the social trust of citizens. Promoting a framework of legality, policies of social equity and justice that generates in our collaborators safe in their exchanges with others.
recognition of the interests and feelings of the other in our day to day and in our work place.
Ability to respond to the commitments and duties that we as people have towards ourselves, others and our institution; always looking for a level of excellence and improvement.
Act with transparency, honesty, responsibility and professionalism in response to the trust placed by our superiors and peers.
invite all our collaborators to improve themselves day by day both personally and professionally.
Intimately linked with learning and, more specifically, with the concept of continuous training.
Recognize and understand the feelings and attitudes of people, as well as the circumstances that affect them at a given time.

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Tesoro. Commercial Park – Shopping Mall
Medical Tower 1 El Tesoro, 4th and 5th floor.
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