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They will recognize the life and work of the doctor Humberto Martínez Vásquez

In a ceremony to be held this Friday, at 5:00 p.m. m. At Club Unión de Medellín, a recognition will be given to doctor Humberto Martínez Vásquez, a specialist in cardiology, who was the first manager in the department of Antioquia to implement the first Intensive Care Units in 1972 at the Soma Clinic.

The mention, represented in the Grand Cross of the Congress, is based on a lifetime and work in the service of others and his extensive work in saving lives through his work and management for the region.

This decoration will be in charge of Dr. Juan Diego Gómez President of the Senate; Dr. Carlos Correa, Comptroller of Medellín and Juan Felipe Jiménez, representative to the Chamber.
Martínez Vásquez, who was born in Santa Rosa de Osos, is a physician and surgeon from the University of Antioquia, a specialist in internal medicine and cardiology from the University of Pennsylvania, and was a professor of internal medicine and cardiology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Antioquia .

In addition to his outstanding work as a Medellin councilman, senator of the Republic, builder and businessman, he joined, at different times, the Colombian Association of Internal Medicine, the Antioquia Society of Cardiology, the Colombian Medical Federation, the Antioquia Medical College and his participation in the Boards of the Secretariat of Health, Planning, Finance, Education and General Hospital of Medellín Board of the Mental Hospital of Antioquia.

He has also stood out for being a promoter and builder of real estate projects in Medellín, Sabaneta and Envigado, being a member of the Board for nearly 20 years of the Soma Clinic, where he was also medical director, manager and vice president.

Likewise, he has participated in 21 international cardiology congresses with 9 outstanding publications related to his specialization. He is currently a member of the board of directors of Club Unión.

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