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The Congress of the Republic recognizes the trajectory of the doctor Humberto Martínez

This Friday, January 21, 2022, at the Club Unión de Medellín, the act of imposing the Grand Cross Medal awarded by the honorable Congress of the Republic of Colombia to doctor Humberto Martínez for his career dedicated to the service of health will take place. , professional and family life.

Dr. Martínez, married to Enoris Restrepo Osorio and father of Francisco Alejandro, Lina María, Felipe and Juan Ignacio, is a Medical Specialist in Cardiology. Among his most outstanding facts is having been the first manager in the department of Antioquia to manage to implement the first Intensive Care Units in 1972 at the Soma Clinic, where in addition to being the head of Cardiology at the clinic, he had the opportunity to be the Manager for many years in it.

The doctor has also had an extensive career in other areas of public and business life, being a Councilor for the municipality of Medellín, Senator of the Republic, builder and businessman with countless achievements in his successful professional and personal career.

For all of the above, this great recognition and mention is essentially based on a lifetime and work in the service of others, and to save lives.

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