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At the time of the Patient’s Admission for Anesthesiology Consultation, the Letter of Rights and Duties is delivered:


In Quirofanos El Tesoro every patient, regardless of gender, age, race, socioeconomic level, ideas, beliefs, religious practices, politics, sexual preferences, clinical condition or any other consideration, shall have the right to:

Receive care without distinction of gender, race, socioeconomic level, ideas, beliefs, religious practices, politics or sexual preferences.

Receive information about your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.

Be attended by suitable and competent personnel.

Receive the value and explanation of the economic costs of the services provided.

Choosing or not participating in scientific research or studies.

Request a second medical opinion or change of treating doctor.

Submit suggestions, complaints or claims about the service received.

Being accompanied by a person of legal age as long as it does not interfere with their care process.

To receive humane, fair treatment, with dignity and respect.

Privacy during care and confidentiality about your care process.

Maintain the confidentiality of the clinical history without the possibility of access to it by third parties, except those defined by law.


In the institution, patients have the duty to:

Provide timely, complete and reliable information to the staff that attends you.

 Identify yourself with the document that certifies it.

Abide by and comply with the treatments and instructions provided by the health team.

Comply with scheduled appointments and timely inform the Institution in case of not being able to attend.

 Collaborate with your care and follow the recommendations of the health team.

 Submit your complaints and/or claims in a clear, timely and respectful manner.

Take care of and make rational use of implements, facilities and services.

 Treat all people with kindness during their stay in the Institution.

 Collaborate with the care of your belongings.

Authorize in writing the person(s) who can access or claim a copy of your medical record.


In Quirofanos El Tesoro patient safety is an essential component of the care we provide. For this reason and thinking about the well-being of our users, we ask you and your family or companions to abide by and verify the following recommendations:


Make sure all health personnel address you by name.

Verify that the doctor and the entire work group that treats you have the identification badge.

Verify that the dial handle that they put on you has your correct data.

Verify that the health personnel before administering a medication or performing a procedure, ask for your name and check your wristband to corroborate your identification.


Tell your doctor about the medicines and vitamins you are taking at home.

Tell your doctor which medications you are allergic to or if you have had reactions to any of them.

Check that the nurse is giving you the prescribed medications.

Notify health personnel immediately if you feel any abnormal effect after taking a medication or during a transfusion.


Before a surgery, clarify with the doctor all the doubts that you have. Ask what it is and the risks involved.

Verify that before entering the operating room, the area of ​​your body where the surgery will be performed is correctly marked.


Check when you are lying down that the rails of your bed or stretcher are up.

Check that the sanitary unit has a dry floor. Report the presence of puddles.

Ask for help getting up, going to bed, moving around, and bathing.

Wash your hands with soap and water after using the bathroom and before eating.

Thank you for confirming your understanding of your rights and duties as a QET patient.

rights and Duties of the patient

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