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We have standardized processes that allow us to guarantee safe and reliable care for all of our patients, from the medical assessment by the specialist and anesthesiologist, admission and admission to surgery, pre-surgery, surgical act, recovery, hospitalization and post-surgical follow-up.

Quirófanos El Tesoro S.A.S as a surgical and hospital institution, is willing to accept what is defined in the health sector technical standard “Good practices for patient safety in health care”, as this standard is consistent with the strategic direction of our Institution, which is oriented to the provision of services with high standards of quality and patient safety.

Patient-centered approach to care. It means that all health actions revolve around satisfying the needs of the patient and processes that seek to guarantee their safety during their care.

Security and Safety Culture. The environment for deploying patient safety actions must take place in a spot and space of confidentiality and trust between patients and professionals.

Monitoring Actions.. Monitoring of aspects related to patient safety during health care that lead to risk reduction.

Consult here the Guidelines for

Risk Prevention in Aesthetic Plastic Surgeries

Document published by the Colombian Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Main Actions Of

The Safety Patient Manual

Patient identification during all phases of the care process.
Strict adherence to safe care protocols.
Blue Medical Code and management of medicals crash cart in support of cardiovascular surgeons.
Application of Surgical Safety Checklists.
Use of state-of-the-art biomedical technology.
Use of CVI intermittent venous compressors, antithrombotic prophylaxis protocols by a vascular internist and antibiotic prophylaxis by an infectious disease specialist.
Use of medications and medical-surgical supplies certified by regulatory entities.
Permanent communication with the companions about the progress of the surgical process.
Difficult airway trolley, thermal blankets, anatomical positioners, Possibility of immediate consultation with other specialties such as ophthalmology, otolaryngology, general surgeon, gynecology, vascular surgeon, among others.
Anesthesiologists with a specialty in cardiovascular assistance.
Permanent updating through Surgery and Congress Staff.
Use of fully and new technology anesthetics, for rapid anesthetic induction and gentle awakening without side effects.
Young children do not undergo any painful procedure (without punctures) until they are properly sedated in the company of their parents in the operation room, being a healthy non-traumatic experience.

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