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We have 11 VIP SUITE-type hospitalization rooms for post-surgical care.

Our suite-type rooms are fully equipped with technological equipment that allows safe and a satisfactory care for our patients post-surgical.

The hospitalization service allows our users to have a safe recovery space, in a spacious, pleasant and calm environment, while they are permanently supervised by an interdisciplinary care team in support of the treating physician.

Permanent centralized monitoring, Special Care Unit (SCU) type for all our rooms, where the user’s vital signs are permanently monitored from the medical, specialist and nursing posts in real time, 24 hours a day, to optimize the care and safety of patients and their families.

24/7 general medical support.

Specialist doctors (infectology and internal medicine) professional nurse, nursing assistants and bacteriology, as well as support staff in general services.

Personalized healthy eating service by a nutritionist professional. 

Wi-Fi service.

Cable television – DirecTV service. 

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Arrive easily to our facilities

Loma El Tesoro with Transversal Superior Cra 25ª # 1  to the south – 45
Tesoro. Commercial Park – Shopping Mall
Medical Tower 1 El Tesoro, 4th and 5th floor.
Free parking lots