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Dra. Ana Lucía Rave Martínez

Professionals Studies:

Physician and Surgeon – Faculty of Medicine UPB.
Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic, Maxillofacial and Hand Surgeon- University of Antioquia.

Professional resume:
I am Dr. Ana Lucia Rave Martínez, Plastic, Aesthetic, Maxillofacial and Hand Surgeon, graduated from the University of Antioquia. I am a member of the most important scientific societies in the world such as the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, FILACP, the American Society of Plastic Surgery, the medical college of Antioquia, among others. I have a great career and professionalism, I stand out in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. I am an expert in breast surgery, body contouring surgery, removal of biopolymers, surgeries face, neck and ears. Why choose me to perform your surgery?: I am a woman and I perfectly understand your disagreements, you will feel comfortable expressing your concerns to me, you will be calm during the review and physical examination; and the care I provide to my patients is of excellent quality with cutting-edge treatments.
Contact number
Carrera 25 A # 1 A Sur 45 Torre Médica 2, Parque Comercial El Tesoro - Consultorios 1364 y 1365