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Dr. Luis Fernando Botero

25 years of experience.
Professional resume:
Dr. Luis Fernando Botero Gutiérrez is a doctor from the University of Antioquia, an important Colombian university located in the city of Medellín.
He worked as a General Practitioner in the Metrosalud services and in the renowned El Rosario Clinic in the city of Medellín.
He later moved to Belgium, where he graduated as a Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon from the Free University of Brussels (Belgium), after 6 years of university studies.
He studied at the Henri Poincaré University of Nancy (France) where he obtained the title of Micro Surgeon and Facial Plastic Surgeon.
Dr. Luis Botero had the opportunity to study for 6 years in the plastic surgery service of the Free University of Brussels, being his first boss Dr. Madeleine Lejour, recognized in Europe and worldwide as one of the best plastic surgeons for her extensive experience in breast surgery.
He had the opportunity to study with renowned hand surgeon Michel Merle for a year and with facial plastic surgeon Michel Stricker at the University of Nancy in France.
In these two years he made three specializations: hand surgery and facial plastic surgery and microsurgery.
He worked as a plastic surgeon in recognized leading European plastic and aesthetic surgery clinics such as: Clinique du Rond Point, Clinique Sarrete with Dr. Jean Marie Faivre, Clinique de l`Yvett with Dr. Kauer, Clinique de la Croix Rouge with Dr. Mookherjee , Clinique du Cháteau de Vincennes with Dr.Claude Le Quang.
The doctor has made Fellows in facial plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery and microsurgery, carrying out practices in Belgium, France, Taiwan and Singapore, giving him a great international experience and a detailed knowledge of the best surgical techniques, allowing him to have strengths in body contouring surgery. , facial surgery and breast implants, as well as in other types of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery that their patients may require.
After returning to Colombia, more than 14 years ago, he had the opportunity to be an emergency plastic surgery surgeon in the most important clinics in the city and to open his private practice with which he has been able to perform safe plastic surgeries on more than 4,000 patients.
Currently operates in the El Tesoro Quirófanos clinic, one of the few internationally certified clinics for the quality of its facilities, which are completely new and fully equipped with the best technology.
Dr. Luis Botero has been a member of the Colombian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Royal Society of Plastic Surgery of Belgium.
As an international speaker, he has been present at world and international congresses on plastic, aesthetic and anti-aging surgery, even being president of the scientific committee of the AMWC 2014 world congress on aesthetic medicine and anti-aging in Monte Carlo, the most important of its kind.
He regularly travels to congresses in different countries, especially the United States and Europe, where he updates and shares the great experience of his surgical techniques.
Dr. Botero speaks Spanish, English and French, he is characterized by his friendly and professional treatment of his patients.
Facial Plastic Surgery and Body Contouring Surgery.
cra 25 A #1-31. El Tesoro Business Park- Office 907. Medellín, Antioquia