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Pharmaceutical Service:

Quirófanos El Tesoro Surgical Pharmaceutical Service seeks to exceed the expectations of its patients through an efficient and effective provision of the service, guaranteeing the accessibility and availability of all medicines and medical devices, through of safe, effective and quality-guaranteed supplies, as well as such as monitoring its prescription, dispensing and proper administration; and finally compliance with the therapy for the patient through timely pharmaceutical care.

Quirofanos El Tesoro is an Institution Health Provider (IPS), authorized to provide a service of medium complexity, whose business orientation is directed to the service of operating rooms and the logistics necessary to carry out surgeries of various specialties, for which its Pharmaceutical Service complies with the processes established in Resolution 1403 of 2007:

Selection of drugs and medical devices.

Acquisition of medicines and medical devices.

Reception and storage of medicines and medical devices.

Distribution of medicines and medical devices.

Medication dispensing.

Participation in interdisciplinary groups.

Information and education for patients and the community on the proper use of medications and medical devices.

Pharmaceutical Care.

Distribution of Medications in Unit Dose, for hospitalized patients.

24 hour service.

And in order to develop the above activities we have an expert group:

A Pharmaceutical chemist

A Regent pharmacy

Professional technicians in pharmaceutical services

Biomedical Equipment:

We have newest technology equipment for the safe care of our patients. Our group of specialized professionals and technicians allow us to provide permanent and real-time support throughout the surgical process.

Sterilization Center

In our facilities we have our very own Sterilization Center latest technology equipment and facilities, and highly standardized and monitored processes that guarantee the sterility and cleanness of our medical devices and instruments. Our sterilization processes are carried out at high temperature and low temperature according to the technical requirement of the material and the specialist.

The sterilization center is a functional unit that provides medical device conditioning services in a transversal and safe way for the entire safety of the institution, in this case for our internal and external clients (specialists)

Currently at QET we have 8 sterilization center assistants trained in receiving, washing, drying, packaging, labeling, sterilization, storage and to provide the correct distribution of the different medical devices for both QET, specialists and external clients that guarantee safety and quality in the process.

We have high-tech autoclave machines: a 120-liter steam, a 420-liter steam and a 55-liter hydrogen peroxide for thermosensitive material, which guarantees a timely and effective response capacity according to the needs of our institution and of our clients.

Pre-anesthesia rooms

We have two outpatient rooms equipped with a consultation area, patient check-up and bathroom, generating a sense of privacy, which is important for our patients. With the supervision and review of one of our expert anesthesiologists, we carry out an exhaustive check-up of all of our patient’s, days before their intervention, and determine if they are fit to perform the surgical procedure, thus ensuring the safety of our patients.

Specialist VIP room

Exclusive comfortable space for the preparation and rest of our specialists, before and after procedures. 

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