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Specialist medical office assistant

Specialist Responsibilities

Notify the QET surgery scheduling area to schedule the patient’s turn for her procedure

Inform information of the companion or families

Notify the patient the importance of having a cell phone and active number at all times to be aware of the calls that the clinic will make.

Inform the estimated day of arrival of the patient in the event that Medellín is not her hometown.

Notify if surgery is canceled immediately to QET programming area.

Surgery programming


Explicit identification of the International Pte. in the Surgical Program. Color and comment (Specify day of arrival, special conditions with the language, contact information of the companion).

Clinic responsibilities

Admission process


Patient Responsibilities

Keep the cell phone enabled or active for contact at all times.

Clinic Responsibilities

Plan agenda with international patients In advance.

Schedule International Patients with arrival at QET after 8:00 am to carry out reception and personalized accompaniment by the Coord. Customer service.

Establish contact with the patient to assign the pre-anesthesia appointment by the Customer Service Coordination (Bilingual). Teleorientation and Face-to-face according to time of arrival in the country.

Assign pre-anesthesia consultation with an Anesthesiologist who speaks English or, failing that, with accompaniment by the Customer Service Coordination.

Preanesthesia Query


Receive international patients through the Customer Service Coordination to be their guide during their care process: Reception, Informed Consent in English (disaggregation in process and respective translation), Complications Policy and Billing payments.

Accompany International Patients during the Pre-Anesthesia Consultation in case the anesthesiologist is not bilingual.

Accompany by the Customer Service Coordination in the Resolution of doubts, concerns and preparation for your surgery.

Once the go-ahead for the surgery has been given by the anesthesiologist, the policy payment process is accompanied.

Clinic responsibilities

Billing and


Clinic responsibilities

Inform and resolve doubts and concerns by the Customer Service Coordination regarding payment methods for the surgery (together with the billing staff).


Support by the Customer Service Coordination the confirmation of the surgery.

Receive the international patient by the Customer Service Coordination to provide guidance on their admission to surgery.

Accompaniment in the resolution of pending issues before surgery (payments, situations with laboratory test results, PCR, policies).

Accompany international patients to the preparation area.

Clinic responsibilities


Recovery Billing

Final invoice

Egress –

check out

Clinic responsibilities

Inform the companion about the progress of the surgery by the Customer Service Coordination. (Define frequencies and standard information: At the beginning, progress and termination).

Guide the patient and/or companion during the payment of additions or refunds in the Billing area (if applicable).

Accompany the patient in the delivery of recommendations in English.

General discharge guidelines on transportation, hotels, analgesia pump services (if purchased).

Hospitalization process

check out

Orient and locate the companion in the room while the patient is discharged from surgery.

Accompany by the Customer Service Coordination the hospitalization discharge process (payment procedures, delivery of general recommendations)

Clinic responsibilities:

Post-surgical follow-up


Post-surgical call to patients accompanied by the Customer Service Coordination.

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