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About us

HANU HIPERBARIC HEALTH’s mission is to provide the best highly complex health care, with a vision centered on the human being, in such a way as to offer the recovery and well-being of patients through hyperbaric chamber technology.

Hyperbaric chambers

OXYGENOTHERAPY the tissues of your body require oxygen to function, it is used to treat all conditions that benefit from the increased availability of oxygen in the tissues, it provides great benefits in physical and mental health.


What is a hyperbaric
chamber used for?

Helps blood carry more oxygen to organs and tissues.

Stimulates the immune system.

Speeds up the scar healing process.

Decreases migraines and headaches.

Improves sports performance.

HANU offers the complementary medicine service of the HYPERBARIC CHAMBERS that provide great benefits in patients who are at the stage of pre and post-surgical process. 100% pure oxygen therapy gives us a more effective recovery, providing the healing and deflation process more efficient. 



Increases oxygenation in all tissues.

Accelerates and favors healing and recovery process.

Reduces the risk of bruising.

It stimulates the cells that produce collagen.

Accelerates rehabilitation processes in ligament, bone, joint or muscle injuries.

Reduces muscle fatigue.

It intervenes in the regulation of oxidative stress.

Increases energy at the cellular level.

Benefits of the hyperbaric
chamber in sports

Shortens injury recovery time.

Improves sports performance and fights fatigue.

There is an increase in muscle energy.

Promotes collagen production.

Hyperbaric treatment is for

Alternative health treatments for:

Aesthetic surgeries Liposuction or liposculpture, breast lift, buttock and leg augmentation, facial surgery, among others.

Medical surgeries, cesarean sections, hernias, knees Athletes.

Patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Duration of an HBOT session
The session can vary from 60-90 minutes depending on the pathology presented by the patient and between 5 and 10 sessions are recommended.

Addres: El Tesoro Medical Tower 2:  Carrera 25 A N 1ª SUR 45 Office 0850
City: Medellín
Phone: +57 3207004515