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Fajas María E


Fajas MariaE is a Colombian brand that designs, produces and sells control garments in their categories Molding, post-surgical, postpartum, reducing, maternal, masculine and complements strips.

Product line

Our product portfolio is quite broad and is characterized by its special design, unbeatable quality and constant innovation, which positions us as a leading brand in the market, always concerned with offering the best garments for the care and beautification of the body.

Benefits of using girdles/strips:

Helps the recovery and healing process after surgery.

Molding of the silhouette with its constant use.

Helps the postpartum process.

It is the ideal complement for aesthetic treatments.

Flat seams so it doesn’t show in your clothes

Design with natural enhancement of buttocks.

It is comfortable, improves circulation and allows free movement.

Greater durability over time.

Internal and external linings in lycra or cotton that provide an ideal temperature and more softness in contact with the skin.

Control Types:

The purpose of the girdle is to keep the tissues in place and help in the healing process. Garments that have the correct shape and level of compression limit postoperative swelling and can also increase ease of movement after extensive surgery such as a tummy tuck.