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 Analgesia pumps to help relieve your pain: analgesia pump service / post-operative pain pump:

The importance of adequate pain control after surgery:

Decreased stress.

Better control of blood pressure and heart rate.

Lower risk of breathing disorders.

Lower risk of thromboembolism.

Lower risk of infections.

Prevents ileus (slow bowel).

They are prepared in a specialized mixing center.

How can I better control pain after surgery?

Understanding that the scale of pain is individual, contact your surgeon to order an analgesia pump through us and use it after your surgery.

What is an analgesia pump?

In an infusion system that is filled with drugs that helps relieve your pain, it is for intravenous application, portable, disposable and safe (it has FDA approval and meets all biosafety standards).

Frequent questions:

It contains a mixture of analgesics, anti-inflammatories and antiemetic (which prevent nausea and vomiting). It is important to know if you are allergic to any medication or material, this will be determined by the doctor.
It lasts between 48 and 50 hours with a variability of 10% according studies of the mixing plant.
A mixing center duly certified by the control entity and with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
Dr. Carlos Yepes, QET allied anesthesiologist, and his company (Postsalud) will take care of your care after surgery.
The most intense pain is in the first 48 hours after surgery, after this time you must continue with the medications ordered by your surgeon.
No, the analgesia pump and catheter are completely disposable. The home care team will take care of making the correct arrangement.

If you are interested in the analgesia pump, first consult with your plastic surgeon and according to his criteria and what you want, you can contact us to program and schedule your analgesia pump and have it ready on the day of your surgery.